ANU Data Management Interest Group meeting

The inaugural meeting of this group was held on Tuesday, 4 September from 9am – 2pm at the Graduate Lounge at ANU University House.  Presentations and associated materials were as follows.

Doug Moncur – ANU ANDS funded projects
Powerpoint presentation 

Margaret Henty – Ethics, consent & data sharing 
ethics guide  
ethics webinar 

Maggie Shapley – Data from an archival perspective
ANU Archives
ANU data management

Ian Wood – Experiences with data management and big science
IOC Workshop Report No. 230 – UNESCO Workshop on Data Publication
IOC Workshop Report No. 230 – UNESCO Workshop on Data Publication 4th Session
IODE Workshop Reports Series

Hans-Joerg Kraus – Teaching about data management
ANU Data Management Manual

Steve McEachern – Australian Data Archive (ADA)
ADA pdf

Ivan Hanigan – NCEPH data management

Junran Lei – Digital Humanities
Layar – Impactful Augmented Reality in Your Everyday Life

Jenny Sheehan – CAP cartographic collection

Karen Visser – Data citation
Karen Visser Data Citation

Tom Worthington’s notes of the meeting are available on his blog

Doug Moncur also took meeting notes available here as a pdf.  20120904dataworkshop.